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Please note, we aim to be inclusive and welcoming of all, if you find any of the language used to be harmful or excluding please do not hesitate to contact us so we can rectify it! 


"We help no one by taking their pain. We help everyone by making room for it."




Growing up I was lucky enough to be surrounded by a family of powerful women and healers. People who had always known they could help someone in pain, who understood that sometimes their dreams were warnings, who talked to past loved ones like they were right there in the room as present as anyone else.

I watched my Nanna heal people in her living room as if it was nothing, creating food in her kitchen that contained more than just ingredients. I watched my mother, able to know strangers on a more intimate level than their best friends did, help with what was going on in their lives like no one else had before. I watched my older sister breathe life into every step she took, moving energy around her like it was just part of that breathing, more comfortable with the wind and it’s movements than a physical body should be. I watched my younger sister speak of ghosts before she even had language for what they were. My next sibling spoke about someone’s childhood memories that they themselves had never spoken even though they were born 30 years later. Another sister joined us and again I was able to watch their own magical flavour join the family as they responded to events in another room before they even happened.


I was lucky enough to be born into a family that understood that this was all a part of life, that we all had our own unique language for the different ways we experienced energy and the way we interacted with it. Unfortunately, I also watched as one after the other we were taught to hide these parts of ourselves. To never ‘play’ with them. To be careful, wary and almost frightened of them.


When I reached a point where I could no longer pretend mine was something I could ignore or medicate away (although I do still take medication for my mental health and am a huge advocate for everyone to seek medical help when they need it!) I was lucky enough to do so with one of my younger sisters, Tenaia, by my side and a very impatient older sister, Tara, who was relieved we’d finally caught on... The point is, I didn’t have to do it alone. When I finally stood upright and proud of my gifts I looked around and realised the people around me were also standing up and stretching out.


Very quickly we created a little family of our own, a family where the magic in us all was not only expected and accepted, but greeted with excited open arms and soothing cups of tea when needed. A family that delighted in your wins, and supported you at your lows. A table where no matter your age, gender, sexual orientation or experience level, you were loved and safe. One by one the seats at my back table were filled by powerful and brave humans who were no longer afraid to live in their magic, to embrace who they really are and to help others do the same.


Without that table full of beautiful humans I wouldn’t be where I am today.


Because of that, I want to invite you all to join our back table. Admission is free and no one owes anyone anything for a listening ear and some support. So take a seat, grab a warm cup of tea and know that you are safe here.

Welcome to the Blue Hour Witch Family.



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