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Sellers of lovingly handmade jewelry, Readers of Tarot, Avid Learners, Teachers, Healers and Creators of Magic

At Blue Hour Witch, we believe that all beings are deserving of somewhere to simply be. Somewhere to be authentic and honest to themselves and to unmask.
Somewhere you can disagree, and still be loved and supported.
Somewhere safe to call home.
For many years now we have gathered around our back table and strived to build just that. Somewhere you can laugh and cry and open up knowing that you are supported no matter what or who you are. Somewhere that views your authentic self as an honor to behold. We want you to be able to experience that with us.
The process of taking a back table to the internet has been, and continues to be, a long one. It will take us time to build, time to learn and time to find the people who wish to sit around it with us. If you are here and ready, boil the kettle, sit down, unwind and tell us, how was your day?


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"We help no one by taking their pain. We help everyone by making room for it."

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