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Aquamarine has a long history of being revered and respected. Appreciated for its powerful ocean energy, it wraps you in what feels like liquid energy, shielding you from getting too caught up in the day to day living. It has long been worn to protect ships at sea, believed to appease the ocean and allow for safe passage. In some cultures, it is used to receive the good graces of the Gods. The stone itself has a deep fondness for gentle souls who require aid in focusing on oneself and standing tall in strength and courage. It helps open the throat chakra, providing us with the ability to ask for what we need, see praise for what it is as well as giving and receiving wise council. A very wise stone, it shifts to encourage the owner in whatever they require at that time, whether that be to stand taller or sit still. Very few stones can bring such an overwhelming calm and serenity the way that aquamarine does. It has very much earned the high praise it has received and as soon as you hold and feel it, you will understand why it has so long been loved as it has.

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