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Iolite is the perfect pairing for an energy worker as it heightens intuition and our ability to astral, slamming open our third eye and crown chakra. It helps us experience energy in a more perceivable way, focusing us on who and what we really are. It is a considerably rare stone and can be worked with by very few. Those called to iolite love it passionately and find its energy seeps into them and makes them more of what they are. For those who don’t feel called to Iolite, it might as well be glass. You can not own Iolite, you work with Iolite, and if you feel called to do so, the relationship between you and your Iolite will be completely independent of anyone else’s with theirs. Given this fact; we can’t tell you exactly what your Iolite will do for you, however, anything you do with Iolite (if you do feel called to do so) will come from a more heightened and spiritual place.

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