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First and foremost, Malachite in its unpolished form is toxic. Raw pieces should only be handled carefully and NEVER ingested. Given this, it is clear from the beginning that malachite is not a crystal to be played with lightly. Malachite works hand in hand first and foremost with the heart chakra. It will tear down any unhealthy patterns you have that are blocking you from receiving healthy and compassionate love and will make you question how to engage with those in your life in a healthier way. It will not allow you to tolerate cruelty or abuse in a romantic partnership making it more and more difficult to ignore the things that are happening that are hurting you, or them. Malachite helps to remove the pain from old wounds, guiding you through the process even when it is hard. When malachite is being ignored it is quite common to get headaches from being around it, so wear it only when you are ready to hear the truth and grow threw it. It is a stone of hard work and is often worn by humans who aren’t afraid to get down into the nitty gritty and get things done. If you have found yourself being called to malachite but have read this and thought “I’m not ready”, you are wrong. You would not have been called to malachite if you weren’t ready for it, and I would have refused to sell it to you if I believed it would cause you more harm than good.

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