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Prehnite is one of the less commonly known stones that people either haven’t heard of or love passionately. It is an inspiring stone bringing with it a zest that is almost citrusy. It will spark you to move and do. It will help you organize your life to better suit what is inside your heart. It works passionately with the heart chakra to help you to overcome difficulties helping you create a life that you love. It will help you find love not in others, but deeply and passionately inside of yourself. Prehnite encourages you to have a love affair with life itself. If you are lacking internally, it will help you face it and heal it. Often used for people who have ADD/ADHD due to its ability to calm excessive energy while still allowing you to feel energized and joyful. It is a wonderful stone for children (or the young at heart…) as it also works deeply to calm restless energy, nightmares and fears, encouraging a deep-seated connection with nature.

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