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Black Tourmaline


Before anything else, black tourmaline is a POWERFUL protection stone. Very few crystals come close to the protective energy that black tourmaline flawlessly brings into your life. It is subtle in the work it does, making it perfect for those who are sensitive to crystal energies and don’t want something too distracting. Along with being amazing at protection, it is also a very grounding stone that helps to disperse mental haze, tension and stress. It helps to clear away negativity of all kinds, bringing us into a more relaxed state of being. When worn, it is a powerful amulet that will work tirelessly to keep you safe, calm and happy.


Pink Tourmaline


Pink Tourmaline attracts love by providing assurance that it is SAFE to love, while also protecting us when it isn’t. It helps us to trust love and teaches us that it is as necessary to love ourselves as it is to love others. It helps us remove old, harmful habits and feelings around love. It cleanses the heart chakra and helps show you how to love someone in a spiritual way: soul to soul. It helps us accept peace, compassion, healing and wisdom when it’s offered. In all ways, Pink Tourmaline is the best wingman you could ever ask for, helping you love yourself and others in a way that is healing, pure and strong.


Watermelon Tourmaline


Like all tourmalines, watermelon tourmaline is protective. Watermelon tourmaline is a wonderful aid for anxiety and depression that helps to fortify our inner strength. It helps us to understand difficult situations and helps us to let go of old pain that we are still carrying. It is especially helpful when it comes to our relationships. It helps us to see our feelings truthfully and without confusion helping us to make decisions that represent what we truly want.

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