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Amethyst is one of the strongest protection stones and is also an incredibly strong healing stone. It is a powerful aid to meditation helping to deepen the experience. Amethyst is also commonly used to help combat addictions of all kinds. This stone is wonderfully calming and brings focus and clarity. It naturally helps to combat nightmares (although it should not be kept too close to the bed as it also heightens intuition which can interrupt sleep). If you are looking for a crystal to help support you through a stressful time or the loss of a loved one Amethyst is the perfect choice.


Chevron Amethyst


Chevron amethyst is amethyst that contains quartz either around it or more commonly marbled threw it. Amethyst is most widely known to be wonderful for protection, healing, focus and helping to work with, or open, the crown chakra. Quartz is often used as an amplifier due to its ability to strengthen and focus the crystal it is paired with. Although amethyst can be an intense crystal to work closely with, the quartz inclusions in chevron amethyst help to both strengthen and, in my experience, also manages to deepen the meditative elements making it a beautifully calm stone that is a wonderful crystal to use with children or pets.


Lavender Amethyst


Lavender Amethyst contains all the properties of the dark amethyst most people are familiar with, but with a softer energy. It is particularly good at calming the throat chakra, helps those who often feel overwhelmed by their intuition and is often used to help with migraines. It is a crystal that works powerfully with you on your path to self-love protecting you while you do the work needed.

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