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There are many kinds of jade found all over the world in many different colours. It has been a very valued stone for thousands of years playing a significant role in multiple cultures and is believed to contain different properties in almost all of them. There are many cultures that celebrate, and love jade and I could not begin to do them justice by simplifying it here as someone who does not come from those cultures, so I will speak only of the Māori’s (New Zealand first nations people). In Māori culture, Jade is called Pounamu and is believed to contain its own spirit that chooses the wearer, not the other way around. It was gifted to bring peace, to symbolize your place and the role you play in your family/society and was carved into tools that were used to build our Marae (A meeting house of great importance). No matter where in the world and what culture, a few things are similar around the meaning of jade, that it is full of earth energy, it brings luck and it is of deep spiritual value.


White Jade


White Jade is an incredibly beautiful stone that is a powerful aid in study of all kinds. It helps us use our energy efficiently and in ways that best help us complete the tasks we need to get done. It also helps hold focus and filter out distractions making it a wonderful stone for those with ADD/ADHD, those who struggle with decision making and those that suffer from over stimulation. It helps source what information is the most important to us/the task at hand and cheers us on while we use it. It works wonderfully with most other stones (although it has a love/hate relationship with amethyst) making it a wonderful addition to any jewellery.

Yellow Jade

Yellow Jade


Yellow Jade brings all the energy from green jade with it (Good luck, prosperity, heart healing) and adds an extra zest. It is energetic and stimulating but in a way that is careful not to burn you out with its ferocity. It brings laughter, joy and happiness with it as it comes into your life.

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