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A Journey Within is exactly that. This beautiful piece of art has been thoughtfully and mindfully crafted to help you on your path to you. I was hesitant at first to buy this book thinking it would become another pretty book sat on my shelf waiting for me to read it, but I am so glad I took the risk and proved myself wrong. Every page is filled with stunning artwork and meaningful lessons that will stay with you long after you complete it. The artist, Annie Tarasova, leads you on your journey with the warmth of a friend and the wisdom of a guide. With thick pages even markers won’t go through, it is a truly magical experience not to be missed! Click here to view all her beautiful items we are lucky enough to stock.


"Journey Within takes you on a guided journaling adventure through your mind, heart and soul with the use of metaphors to engage your imagination and connect with the inner child.


Your mind is depicted as a garden, because just like the garden grows and flourishes, so do we. There, we weed out our limiting beliefs, bury thoughts and memories we should let go of, plant seeds of intentions and ideas, and visit The Lake - a place of your inner stillness and peace.


Your heart is depicted as a crystal cave, because the heart is a sacred, beautiful place that not everyone deserves to enter. There, we heal broken crystals, learn about the way we love ourselves and others, and practice forgiveness and gratitude.


Your soul is depicted as the Universe itself. There, we play with our imagination, document our dreams, and practice manifestation.


On this soul journey we will learn to love our past and to be excited for our futures, to be grateful for the present and find the beauty in life. We will let go, forgive, heal, and dream."

A Journey Within

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