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Shungite is a wonderful cleanser, filter, and protector. Often used in water filtration systems, it is a wonderful aid for anxiety and depression helping us to see through the 'emotional smog' that depressive periods create. I personally consider Shungite as a must have for anyone who struggles with low self-esteem, anxiety, and paranoia. In its un tumbled form, which these chips are, they leave a dusty residue on your hands that is non-toxic and washes off with water but is something to be aware of. I use it often in black salt and to draw wards.


Working with raw pieces of crystal help us to connect to the crystal in a truly unfiltered and organic way. They bring with them a deep sense of honesty that allows you to be raw with them in return.Crystal chips are the small pieces of crystal that are saved after carving or shaping larger crystals. Them being a byproduct of carving makes them much more affordable while also being a nice quality stone, this affordability means you can have a large range of crystals in your collection to use for many different things without having to invest too much on a single stone. It is also wonderful for trialling a stone you have not worked with before investing in a larger piece. Often, they are underappreciated in the crystal community due to size, but their size is actually a huge benefit! Their small size makes them ideal for carrying with you, it makes them ideal for crystal gridding, spell jars and bags, making wards and making witchy crafts like candles.

Shungite Chips

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